How do I use it?

Jan 15, 2021

See how easily you can use the F|P App to search a big (3000+) Trello card

Remember - time spent waiting is time spent distracted!


Jan 11, 2021

Our KickStarter campaign has started!

This was underpinned by the 0.1.11 released - get yours now!


Oct 02, 2020

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0.1.13 is available

Oct 01, 2020

This version is a prototype, but you may already find good use of it, especially if you are a coder, solopreneur, student, telecommuter or an agilist, and of course - a notorious Trello user!

Stay tuned for image & attachment support and convenience improvements coming next!

Find out more on our app intro page, check it out via our downloads page!

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