September 6, 2021

No big secrets - just many tiny improvements & fixes, briefly on the UX front.

Some old-new shortcuts - think F2 and F11 - are listed out in the What's New ▸

Should soon be out for Ubuntu, Windows users should expect it a while later on Tuesday - if the automatic schedule is delayed, it's a good idea to update! ▸

0.5.2 - Pro Version :)

August 29, 2021

For Windows at least, a pro version ▸ has been certified on the 25th.

In the longer run this will be geared towards standard+ Trello users' ▸ needs - currently at a one-off base price that is a fraction of long term Trello costs.
Will it save you a fair bit of time for a little money? I hope so!

A slightly improved version is to arrive shortly, expected on the 30th...!

Onwards, odd versions, e.g. 0.5.1, are "free" and even versions, like 0.5.2, are the "pro" ones, typically to be released a bit after the "free" counterparts.

(Don't read this: a slightly bogus 0.5.3 version is already in the Edge channel for luckily very few Linux users ... sorry - but better things are soon to come there too :) )


August 17, 2021

After a great week with good problems, this release brings images back into work, coupled with better todos and overall becoming a milestone in which the app hits true business value (IOW it's starting to get good for you! :)) - of course the jury will be out there!

Find out what's happened here ▸

Fingers crossed you'll be able to grab Windows licenses at very introductory prices quite soon!

Before then the (free) Ubuntu version is out, opening the release candidate channel - to be followed likely within a day by the free edition's MS Store build currently pending certification.

(Gallery updates are to come too ... :) )

Enjoy! ▸

0.4.5 is out!

August 7, 2021

With new features, and numerous improvements to make life with Trello easier a new version has arrived!

Have a look at the Gallery ▸, or the online Changelog ▸ (just started...) to get your head around the new stuff.

However imperfect it may be, it does feel very useful, please feel free to try! ▸

While most unfortunately a few regions had to be excluded recently, it also seems fine to distribute this app in futher locations, such as Malaysia, Uruguay, Oman, Indonesia - let's see! ;)

(Small print: okay, in fact the Windows version is still subject to certification - I'd still expect it to be out on Monday)

0.4.4 release

July 13, 2021
  • The good!
    More image editing: style text ("caption" style), similarly outlined arrows, pixelation for hiding less public stuff on the menu now.
    Drop links directly to the todo list? Want to take a screenshot with a delay and the mouse pointer in (Win only)? Adjust the arrow size? Need to insert a local image in the description?
    We now got you covered.
    (... and there's a slightly improved look on Windows)

    Then there's some experimental image cache - hopefully saving some bandwidth and maybe CO2 ;) - text autosizing improvements, and the global shortcut behaviour may have improved too!

    By the way you might consider installing the Microsoft Fonts on Linux to get "that great captioning experience", although Anton does a great job already, and we can't advise on the legitimacy of this.

  • The bad ...
    Still no Wayland support for the Ubuntu 21.04 users - this means shortcuts and screen grabbing don't work unless Wayland is disabled (I believe I've used this one).

    Sadly, due to export restrictions some further regions are now excluded from availability.

There is good in the bad: India and Brazil are now included :)
Let's see how it goes!

0.4.3 - only for you all :)

June 19, 2021

Finally, the image related functionalities seem to reach a usable level!

  • Main new actions available via the menu (attaching, taking a screenshot)
  • New shapes: arrows
  • As usual, keyboard based support ▸ for the quickies
  • Brightness, contrast adjustment, rotation, flipping, scaling
  • Conversion based e.g. on filename (PNG, WebP are recommended, JPEG, TIFF etc. also supported - but without options)
  • Default image type is PNG, as it's better supported by Trello at the time writing (can change this to WebP in Settings)
  • Improved image editor undo/redo

There still are known problems but I feel like getting used to them? ;) And no-one's complaining ...

Well, enjoy!

The Gallery ▸ features some new screenshots

0.4.2 arrived!

June 3, 2021

This release elaborates on things that were really sketchy in 0.4.1 (but it was on time lol): improved general attachment, screenshot, image management, including a simple gallery and image editing just so you don't have to take a long detour to add a quick remark to an image attached to a card, while would rather go on real life trips in the summer heat.

There are known problems (like deleted attachments may virtually linger on) and it will improve, till then fingers crossed it mostly will work on your PCs too! :)

The Gallery ▸ features some new screenshots

0.3.3 has arrived!

Apr 21, 2021

Dear users,

Please upgrade, and sincere apologies about being haunted by the startup message.

For now, the Gallery ▸ features some new screenshots to give you some impression where to start - more info later.

I hope you'll feel a bit compensated by the new features!

(Needless to say, 0.3.2 has gone public sometime recently as well :) )



This.is.a.Gallery! ▸

Mar 15, 2021

Life's too short for even summaries, but not only there's a limit on screenshots in webshops, it's also likely time for the web to go a bit more visual.

To aid you while diving into stuff straight out of our ovens, a gallery is getting put together - feel free to have a peek! ▸

New stuff!

Mar 14, 2021

Months pass quickly and features seem to crop up more and more rapidly... documentation - not so much (yet!)

0.3.1 is out for Linux already! ▸

The MS Store version ▸ should soon catch up (update: it did on the 15th already - thanks MS!), optimistically by Wednesday the latest - any patience is much appreciated :)

Even if there's a bit of a delay there - hopefully the improvements (on the live previews, link editor, as well as due date conveniences) will compensate... grab a license while it's free!

Getting started guide

Jan 20, 2021

Our first "How do I use it?" guides are waiting for you to have a look here ▸

How do I use it?

Jan 15, 2021

See how easily you can use the F|P App to search a big (3000+) Trello card

Remember - time spent waiting is time spent distracted!


Jan 11, 2021

Our KickStarter campaign has started!

This was underpinned by the 0.1.11 released - get yours now!


Oct 02, 2020

Sign up to be notified of our upcoming KickStarter campaign to surely catch the early bird offers!

0.1.5 is available

Oct 01, 2020

This version is a prototype, but you may already find good use of it, especially if you are a coder, solopreneur, student, telecommuter or an agilist, and of course - a notorious Trello user!

Stay tuned for image & attachment support and convenience improvements coming next!

Find out more on our app intro page, check it out via our downloads page!

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