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Note: just "Up↑/Down↓" refer to the Arrow Up↑/Down↓ keys.

Global (for Windows and non-Wayland users)

Note that you can change these on the Interface tab of the Settings dialog, especially in case some other software would have allocated the defaults.

If you did, those apply, see Menu/Settings, switch to Interface.

By default

use Ctrl+Alt+Shift +

A for the Active Card
D to Select a Card/Browse cards ("mnemonic": D is next to S but not too close to A)
M to access the Menu (note: you may need to hold this a bit longer than expected)
N to create a New card

Changed in 0.4.4: the Active Card and Select Card shortcuts toggle the visibility of these dialogs.

Global (if you use Wayland on Linux)

You will need to take steps in line with Wayland's concepts, the in-app configured global settings don't work.

For instance on Ubuntu 21.10 + Wayland, you can use Settings/Keyboard/Customize Shortcuts/Custom Shortcuts/"+" and e.g. add

Name: Active Card
Command: focus.project.action ac
Shortcut: (press) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A

or any other shortcut of your liking.

(This is an introductory feature and is a bit slow.)


F2 to edit
Enter to confirm the edit (Ctrl+Enter inside the description editor)
Esc to cancel the editing (when not editing, Esc quits the current dialog)
Del to clear a grid cell/delete a TODO/checklist
Alt+1..9 to toggle labels 1-9
Alt+Left←/Right→ When editing a long todo (oh my! :) ), these can help with scrolling.

Text block moving/prioritisation - to move the current

  • checklist item(s)
  • card
  • description editor line (or selected text, if any),

you can use

  • Shift+Ctrl+Up↑/Down↓ to move by one
  • Shift+Ctrl+Page Up/Down to move by a page
  • Shift+Ctrl+Home/End to move to the top/bottom of the list
  • Alt+Shift+Left←/Right→ to move to the prev./next workphase, or in Todos dialog: prev./next checklist

as well as mouse based drag & drop operations, of course.

More on checklists

Some editor shortcuts

To quickly jump to edit a certain field in a card editor, use Alt +

  • C - name
  • E - description
  • A - attachments
  • T - todos
  • U - due date (including toggling whether there is one)
  • F - filter ('Select Card' dialog only)

Link/image editor

To quickly jump to edit a certain field, Alt +

  • E - text
  • A - (target) link
  • T - title

can be used.

Use Alt +

  • I to toggle whether the link supposedly points to an image

Double keystrokes

In the card name/description/link editors:

Once in the editor, press the shortcut for a given field (again) to quickly select its entire content. Examples: 2xAlt+E selects the entire description in the Active Card dialog, or the entire text when in the link editor.

Undo/Redo in description (also name and link) editing

This should typically work as long as the same card is selected (it isn't that different from the norm, you'll see)

Description editing

  • Ctrl+P Toggle live preview on/off
  • Ctrl+Shift+V Paste rich content converted to markdown
  • Ctrl+Alt+V Toggle horizontal/vertical preview (when previewing)
  • Ctrl+K, F2 Edit a hyperlink at the cursor
  • Ctrl+N Paste a separator (aka horizontal line, "HR tag")
  • Ctrl+E Append from clipboard
  • Ctrl+Shift+T Take and insert a screenshot
  • Ctrl+D Create todos (from selection, if there's any)

Either before starting to type or after selecting the text

  • Ctrl+I italic
  • Ctrl+B bold
  • Ctrl+M inline monospace (code)
  • Indent/outdent
    • Ctrl+] & Ctrl+[ Should just work when in the editor
    • Tab & Shift+Tab Once the text was selected as well
  • Ctrl+Q (Ctrl+Shift+Q) Block quote (unquote) text by a level in the 'email history style' (i.e. using > at the line starts)
  • Ctrl+Down↓/Up↑ Scroll the edited content without moving the cursor


  • Enter, also double-click: View attachment
    (works for images & cards: will open the image or activate a linked card)
  • Ctrl+B Open attachment in browser
  • Ctrl+C Copy attachment to the clipboard
  • *Ctrl+Shift+L Copy attachment link to the clipboard
  • Ctrl+O Open attachment with default app (Windows-only for now)
  • F2 Create edited copy (alternatively: Ctrl+Shift+E)
  • Ctrl+S Save attachment as ...
  • Alt++ Add new attachment from device
  • Ctrl+T Take (+ edit and attach) screenshot
  • Del Delete attachment

Checklist editing

  • Ctrl+Plus or Ctrl+Equal Insert a new item where the current todo is
  • Alt+Plus or Alt+Equal Insert a new item just below the current todo
  • Ctrl+X/C/V, Del Cut/copy/paste, delete the selected todo(s)
  • Ctrl+D Create new todos ("New ++")
  • Ctrl+- or Ctrl+U Toggle collapsing complete ("done") items
  • A toggle advanced/normal view

Advanced checklist item options

  • D Edit due date
  • E Select member
  • Alt+1..9 Make item due in 1..9 days' time (1 = due tomorrow)

Due date editing

On the checkbox

  • D Toggle whether there is a due date
  • S Display quick date settings menu (alternatively use a mouse right click)
  • Right→ Enter the date edit (alternatively, only in this dialog the Tab key can be used)

In the edit

  • Alt+Down Show calendar

Member selection

  • L Show searcher for the member among all on the board
  • Up/Down When the lookup is visible: select Next/Prev member (works from the edit)
  • Alt+1.. Select quick option #1...
    What are these? Initially likely there aren't any.
    Quick options are members already used on the todos.
    These are listed on the top.


  • Checklist items are markdown formatted, things that seemed useful in a single line, work (e.g. Ctrl+B toggles text boldness)
    More on editing

'Select card' dialog

  • Ctrl+Page Up/Down Select the card a page above/below the current
  • Alt+Page Up/Down Scroll the description being previewed
    (Why moving items can matter?
    You may wish to aim to keep your thoughts prioritised - one way to depict that is the vertical order.)
  • Ctrl+Plus or Ctrl+Equal Insert a new card where the current card is
  • Alt+Plus or Alt+Equal Insert a new card just below the current card
  • 1..9 More simply toggle labels 1-9 when on the Labels column
  • Ctrl+Alt+A Make the selected the active card
  • Ctrl+Alt+H Move the active card "here", where the current selection is
  • Ctrl+1..9 Filter by phase 1..9 in the "*" workflow (this is available whether or not it's a free workflow)
  • Del Clear an editable cell
  • Ctrl+X/C/V Cut/copy/paste the contents of an editable cell

Image & screenshot viewing and editing

  • F11 Maximize/unmaximize the window

If the image size > the window's

  • Alt+Left←/Right→/Up↑/Down↓ Scroll view left/right/up/down
  • Alt+Page Up/Down Scroll view up/down by a page
  • Alt+Shift+Page Up/Down Scroll view left/right by a page


  • Ctrl+N New area (at or near cursor)
  • Ctrl+V Paste image from clipboard
  • Ctrl+Z Undo
  • Ctrl+A Select the whole image
  • Alt+N Switch note taking about texts placed on/off
  • F1 Get to this help
  • Ctrl+T Retake screenshot

If there is a selected area

  • Left←/Right→/Up↑/Down↓ Move
  • Shift+Left←/Right→/Up↑/Down↓ Resize
  • Ctrl+... Additionally press Ctrl for a fine grain move & resize
  • Del Delete
  • W/H Fit to match image width/height (horizontal/vertical alignment)

Also, there are quick shortcuts:

  • L, E, T, R, S, A Change the shape (to line, ellipse, caption/text, rectangle, selection, arrow)
    Double press options
    • Press L/A again to cycle the direction of the line/arrow counter-clockwise
    • Use Shift+L/A to do it the other way around
    • T Switch to caption, then toggle between caption and text
  • C Change the color (if applicable, it is the contour for shapes)
  • I Change the fill type/color (if applicable, it is the background for texts)
  • F Change the font (for texts)
  • Ctrl+E Expand boundary by a pixel (like a "+1 margin")
  • Ctrl+Shift+E Shrink boundary by a pixel (like a negative margin applied)
  • Ctrl + L/C/R Set horizontal text/caption alignment to left/center/right
  • Ctrl + T/M/B Set vertical text/caption alignment to top/middle/bottom
  • O Toggle between arrows & lines with/out an outline
  • + and - Increase/decrease arrow & text size
  • W Move/resize to span the full width
  • H Move/resize to span the full height

Inside the editor...

... for texts/captions

  • U Switch upper casing (capitalization) off/on for captions

... for texts only

  • M Switch between markdown and plain text (markdown support is simple now)

For captions only

  • Ctrl+I Auto size the area to that of the text

For selections only

  • B Adjust brightness/contrast
    • within the brightness/contrast dialog appearing then, Alt+B/C/K also work without Alt
  • P Pixelate that area (sort of a visual redaction, you'll see)
  • Ctrl+I Auto-shrInk selection (to contour, if identifiable - may not always work, but "worth a try")
  • Ctrl+R Crop image to selection

Window area shortcuts

F11 Toggle between full/manually adjusted height (card/columnar windows)

Use Ctrl+Alt+

  • L, R, C Position the window on the left/right, in the centre
  • W, E, F Set widths ("good"/extended/full)
  • Z Toggle between full/manually adjusted height (alternatively: Y)

Tip: There are also context menus (right click with the mouse to access) to remind you of most of these

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