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0.5.5 & 0.5.6

Shortcut revisions/improvements

  • Ctrl+- to toggle checklist collapsing
  • Enter to open attachments gallery
  • F2 works for link & image editing
  • F11 to maximize/unmaximize (or just height-maximize, where appropriate)
  • More options for images in the description view

Markdown editing improvements

  • More distinctive monospace text
  • "Insert Active Card Link" option
  • More options for images in the preview

UX improvements


  • Image editing
  • Attachments
  • Markdown editing
  • Checklists
  • Settings

0.5.3 & 0.5.4 changes by area

Several tiny user experience improvements, fixes

0.5.1 & 0.5.2 changes by area


  • Fix: catch up with the more secure new Trello access method, so that they load ... :)
  • By the way, a faster loading!

Todo lists

  • Progress indicator
  • Item collapsing (Ctrl+U)
  • "Quick todos" available from todo list editor (Ctrl+D)

(And of course, several tiny fixes)


(This list has just started - for a more overarching, non-chronological listing, see the Feature List ▸)


  • Friendlier setups
  • Option to retake

Image editing

  • Some new features (full width/height
  • Rich markdown text editing
  • Some degree of autosizing for captions - i.e. texts with an outline - & texts

Editor improvements

  • Some syntax highlighting (optional)
  • Faster page title extraction for links
  • Toggle bulletpoints/list numbers

Todo improvements

  • Quick Todo dialog (from menu)
    Create multiple todos rapidly!

  • Ability to just "drag & drop a link" to the todo list
    "Quick" page title extraction for some common link types (Facebook, Twitter, GitHub) that otherwise could require a login

Getting to the active card made easier

  • Offer switching to the containing board/list,
  • Unfilter if need be

More discrete indication of network problems

Small things

Web cache slightly improved
+ robustness

(And of course, many fixes ;) )

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