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Features (Q1 2022)

Generic overview

  • Offline mode ▸
    (in development/experimental)
    Carry out local modifications which will get applied when online
  • Data Snapshots ▸
    (capture/view the backbone of a Trello board state on your device, export/import passworded snapshots, take regular snapshots of select boards)
  • Screenshot (re)taking, a quick gallery, basic image manipulation, text preservation when captioning for searchability
  • Prioritization via keyboard and mouse
  • Copy/cut/paste contents of cells and checkitems (aka todos)
  • Inserting cards and todos at/below (in case of cards in the cards grid as well as in case of checklist items in the checklists)
  • Introductory support for images: pasted/dropped images get attached, markdown link formatting, and of course: displaying images
    (Local file links should not work well on Linux at this point, if at all)
  • Convert rich content to markdown easily by dropping/pasting from a browser/document editor
  • Newly created cards become part of the long and per session navigation history (more on this below the 'select card' and 'active card' dialog points)
  • Flexible and standard workflows, easy progression
  • Switching between boards (very basic and not yet "that quick" - let's call it a start :) )
  • In-app navigation on link clicks (if possible)
  • Editor shortcuts are consistent with this and that in the outside world - maybe even your favourite text editor?
  • Displaying markdown tables (needs switching on)
  • Create a todo or even several todos quickly with a dialog

User experience

  • Quick tabbing through the controls (using Tab & Shift+Tab)
  • Dark/bright themes
  • Adaptive theming ("very experimental") to reduce eye adaptation need
  • Window sizes/positions are when deemed appropriate (mostly) maintained
  • Editing markdown nearby the click position, some syntax highlighting
  • Context menus to allow feature discovery and learning shortcuts quickly on the go, or to access them using the mouse
  • Of course, many many keyboard shortcuts, now with experimental support for setting up on Wayland


  • New in 0.3.3: more advanced markdown preview, economic webp format for images
  • New in 0.3.2: support for images (display/pasting as attachment), dropping dragged content (image, link, text) on the markdown editor
  • New in 0.3.1: Quick setting of due dates (tomorrow, today etc.), with an additional configurable default time of day in a given time zone for quick/short dates
  • Optionally available markdown table rendering (see Settings/Editor to switch it on/off)
  • New in 0.2.2: live markdown preview, link editor (both are experimental, as more often than not, these likely work better via the keyboard)
  • Advanced clipboard: rich/plain etc. paste and append (in dev.)
  • Some attention on undo/redoability, esp. in the description (in dev.)
  • Advanced description editing features (e.g. edit where you clicked/view where you edited, quoting the selection, parenthesizing, moving selection up/down, indenting, list toggling, automatic bulletpoints/indentation, etc.)

'Select card' dialog

  • Quick & more elaborate data snapshot viewing/saving
  • Quick & fuzzy search with preview
    (concerns card name/description, hashtags should work too)
  • A compact, sortable, filterable, editable list viewer grid featuring
    • more and more fields, such as last (Trello) activity, labels and estimates columns, with an editable preview (including card description)
    • searching cards with near-instanteneous highlights, with an immediate possibility for editing
    • copying grid contents (search results) to the clipboard for a quick export
    • story points (estimated/consumed) and (sub)totals support
    • points uncertainty/range support (experimental)
      More about this can be found here
  • Horizontal/vertical 'select card' dialog layouts
  • A longer term active card memory (more similar to a browser history)
  • Various visual and numeric fields beyond the standards (say, word count, language complexity)

Active card dialog

  • Navigation between recent active cards: back/forward buttons (per session - similarly to those found in web browsers)
  • Multi-selection and multi-item operations (prioritisation, clipboard, check/uncheck) on checklist items
  • Checklist editing via the keyboard, drag'n'dropping & context menus
  • Navigation by dropping links to the dialog
  • Drop links directly to the todo dialog
  • Attachments (early implementation): browse for/drop on/save files & images

Notifications dialog

(New in 0.3.3!, but also experimental stuff :) )

  • Quick overview helping to avoid the interruption of checking out items one by one
  • Snooze function to further help with staying in the Zone and finish The One Task first, when possible
  • Cards clicked here open (if possible) in app, become the active card
  • Most recent related items display first within their category

Todos dialog

  • Create one or more todos quickly
  • Starting with a chunk of text? Conveniently (un)format - e.g. remove bulletpoints, priroitize before creation

Attaching screenshots and files (early version)

  • Taking a snapshot image
  • Saving, attaching to the active card from the tray app menu
  • Drag & Dropping items to/from the attachments grid
  • Some basic image editing
    • Selecting
    • Copying & saving the selection
    • Cropping
    • Brightness & contrast adjustment, pixelation (redaction)
    • Image rotation, flipping
    • "Highlight" e.g. via shapes (arrows, ellipses, etc.)
    • Auto-shrink
    • Insert rich text using a markdown subset
    • Undo & redo, etc.
  • Might need to press "undo" more than once :) improved in 0.4.3 though ...!

In terms of fields


  • Card name
  • Card description (markdown rendering is different from Trello's, but will try to improve that)
  • Labels
  • Moving/archiving/deleting cards
  • Card position
  • Due date
  • Checklist items (name, position but not the advanced fields)
  • Attached images (edited version gets additionally attached)

"Write only"

  • Comments

Read only

  • Members


  • Supports Linux (currently Ubuntu) and Windows 10
  • Security: in transport and at rest - data not in Trello, persisted by the app (that is: app settings, recent cards/list) are securely stored on your PC using industry standard encryption

Major missing/reduced functionalities (for now)

  • Network use is to be reduced (not deeply examined - likely many lags could be elminated)
  • Members editing (e.g. per card), more detailed members info in the grid
  • Attachments can only be renamed via the web browser
  • Some offline mode (fault tolerance is weak):
    While the app tries to store everything very little after you made your edits, and you will find out if things went South soon; you likely won't be able to navigate far, and changes made after losing connection are likely to get lost if you restart the app
  • Viewing/editing comments
  • Others' changes take a few seconds to show up,
    certain types won't at all (unless you click 'refresh')
  • Graceful handling of network problems & offline mode
    (unless you switch off/restart your device) but you might have to repeat data entry yourself.
  • Board history
  • Couldn't we all do with some more undoability? :)
  • Horizontal 'select card' dialog splitter position is not recalled when opening the dialog
  • The "select card" grid is not really performant - it was more an objective at this stage to prove it can work, than to show off how fast it can be. So if it's lagging behind its potential, be patient ;) It does seem to handle - even if a bit slowly - well over 1000 cards in a single list, but this is neither expected to be typical, nor had it been an objective ... (yet?)
    Also note that right now it slows down as more columns are displayed. If it's too slow for your purposes, perhaps consider switching off a few of them.
  • Ability to find, maybe replace text (we do have a "Filter", but that's perhaps more akin to a "search")
  • Tool to import/export your securely stored data
  • Optional WYSIWYG style (what you see is what you get) description editing

Also in the plans (no promises, but ...)

  • More leanness
  • Faster card switches & speed all over the place
  • Improved look and feel

(To name a few ... there's lots more, even surprises! Please appreciate that progressing this way helps keeping budgets and prices low, while hopefully delivering utility early.)

Origins & future

In fact, this tiny app is just the preview of a Trello integration from something else, perhaps more sizeable to come.

It wasn't much in the plans, and even less to come to a separate life, but as development went on, this component got handier and handier.

So, perhaps it can be appreciated on its own, ahead of time - perhaps it won't disappoint, and you stay with it/us to find out about the rest!


In.dev: "In development" - should be already useful, but expect significant improvements
Experimental: early stage, might get removed or completely redesigned if found counterproductive

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