Professional Version

Maybe you find certain things getting a lot quicker? Foresee improvements that will make it well worth the price?

For 64 bit Windows 10 OS's, the Pro version is available from the Microsoft Store ▸

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... at an introductory price!

Try the premium version with an at least

14 days no questions asked money back guarantee!

You should get refunded if you think it isn't worth it within 14 days of the purchase. So why not try? via the Microsoft Store **

(Chart based on prices and conversion rates accurate as of 29/08/2021, Trello Premium: $10/mo, Focus|Project for Trello: £7.99 equating about $11)

(** Money back guarantee confirmed via numerous calls, the majority of the Microsoft contacts have agreed the period is actually 30 days, but to be on the fair side, only the rarely heard of 14 is suggested above.)

The Free Version

For a Free Trello

The free version (currently called "preview") otherwise should still suit a broad audience.

For Linux, I hope to keep the releases almost as feature rich as the Professional Windows version, as this is the only option for Linux and will likely remain so for a while. Enjoy!

Acquired a License Before 27/08/2021?

Don't buy yet! :)

My aim is to, to reward your trust, allow any free Windows 10 Focus|Project license they held convert to a professional one.

This might take a while, the feature gap between free and pro edition will likely grow, but likely in aspects that can be useful for standard+ Trello ▸ users. (So I hope there's no harm done anyway with the delay!)

Kickstarter Concepts

There was a Kickstarter campaign ▸ earlier with little to no success at all :))

No denying that - and this might happen again - still, of course, we try to follow the aims outlined there.

Free Use

Personal users, also academia, open source developers, those in need: F|P will still be *free* for you. Students, teachers, homeschoolers, aspiring & non-profit organizers, those striving for a better life all welcome!

Thus - it is free of charge: the current preview/beta version is and will remain that, at the very least for non-commercial users.

Likely in the short run you'll have to use your own tokens for this purpose though.

Long story short, have you got your copy? ▸

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