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Trello was our first choice of integration for our coming app.

F|P is a desktop app eager to be your sidewing - currently it helps remaining immersed when a quick edit or an offline peek is all you need!

Offline remedy

Besites a lot of potentially (hopefully!) useful bits, there are two major ways in which the app aims to help bridging gaps caused by outages (network, etc.)

  1. Data Snapshots ▸

  2. Offline Mode ▸

    A word of warning - this is a new feature with a lot still to be verified & much more to come! Remember - your valued feedback is welcome ▸


Images can be very telly - maybe get acquainted via the gallery first? ▸

Brief appetizer

  • data snapshots ▸ to help bridging - even unexpected - offline moments, or with undoing an accidental edit/delete
  • offline mode ▸ to help progressing even offline, almost as if you were online
  • an active card (like a bookmark) to help keeping your thoughts around the One Task, with quick edit-where-clicked and preview support for more fun fiddling with markdowns
  • fast (local) search on the active board with near-instant, editable results, so that it takes little to take a stray note and get back
  • take screenshots quickly; insert, browse images attached to the active card in a simple gallery
  • simple image editing features without leaving the app
  • append, convert rich content
  • todos on steroids
  • very keyboard-friendly design

A lot happened in October 2020, including the making of this video - with a bit of luck an "even newer" one gets created soon :) - but here you go:

Sounds good?

Get your copy ▸ of the beta app whether for Linux ▸ or Windows ▸ now, get set up in a couple of minutes!

You'll need to create a developer token ▸ for the time being - click "manually generate a Token", or contact us to try out the more convenient experimental authorization option via the beta program. (Developer tokens may be familiar to you from other integrations, but they certainly aren't the destination we'd like to see F|P ending at.)


Similarly to Trello (or at least how we perceived it), we aim to remove obstacles: provide easy to use, versatile, free personal software for the masses - including those with lower end PCs - with very reasonably priced premium licensing to come for business use.

More info

Feel free to start checking out the features at our main page ▸

(Trello is currently our only Kanban-integration - and it may remain so for a while - thus all the info should relate)


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