◂ Focus|Project

refers to the separation of two things:

The ◎ Focus:

What you immediately need
to resolve your current task
once picked...
...and less closely related
information, the context
where you continue afterwards:
The Project

The Active Card - both as a concept and as a window - aims to help keeping the currently relevant information in your focus.

There is still a lot you can do in that little context, and the aim is that you will be able to do that quickly, in versatile ways.

As an almost invisible assistant it helps you complete todos, re-prioritize, document, record even stray notes as you progress - don't lose, just offload information for the future in a breeze ▸

and always get back to the ◎ focus quickly before the distraction comes to its own life!

So you can get immersed in relevant information,
create value and maintain progression without getting bogged down. ✓

Ready to try it? ▸

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