Setting up with an own Trello token (< 5 min.)

In the end, you'll need to provide 2 things, the Trello API key and the Trello API token for the F|P app.

If the Settings dialog isn't open, to get there just click Settings in the tray menu as below:

NB: There's a more convenient way for Focus|Project for Trello pro users.

Step 1 of 6

Make sure you are logged in to your Trello account in your browser at

Step 2 of 6

Go to the page at

You may want to familiarize yourself with what the upcoming procedure involves if you haven't already done so by reading the top section.

Step 3 of 6 - Key

Copy the "Key" on the page that appears, and paste it to the "API key" in F|P app settings

Press Tab to progress to the "API token" field

Step 4 of 6

Click "Token" in the web browser

Step 5 of 6

Click "Allow" on the next page

Step 6 - Token

Copy and paste the "Token" from the page that appears to the "API token" field in the F|P app settings dialog

That's it, enjoy F|P!

Why generate a developer token?

As things are now, to use the conveniences ▸ that Focus|Project for Trello app adds for free to Trello, you'll need to work a bit.

And not only is the free version free, also the only choice currently for Linux.

This inconvenience is partly due to the limitations on how many users we can all of a sudden support in the more convenient say premium ▸ way (Windows 10 only), where authorizing the app is more convenient, looks more professional and where more standard+ Trello features will be supported.

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