6. A Proposal = A Question

... about a user experience.

Among other things, we'd rather if the UI came to you, than to get you hunting for it, so as to allow for more rapid, convenient work. But enforcing this could have gotten too radical.

We aim to keep things close. It means keeping things we expect you to use in a sequence easy to access after each other: both geometrically, so that your typing fingers, mouse, hand (between mouse and keyboard) have to travel less, as well as in the colour space - we try to help eliminating bright-to-dark transitions.

At the minute, we'd like to find out if it is to your taste - if it isn't, just let us know!

We hope you'll like the final version if we have to drop this one, and a few more - even if it's bad news to come in the short run, don't worry.

Our mailbox is waiting for your input :)

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