Express Uncertainty

Estimates are mostly not precise, that's why they are estimates.

However, story points, velocity points tend to be scalar values, i.e. a single value each, which is far from a faithful representation ...

Sort of an experiment (hope you'll join on), but we can - and why not try to - extend the popular Scrum for Trello syntax, at least inside F|P, to get something more flexible to describe story points per card and yet automatically dealt with.

You can expand on in the card name

Cleaning (1)

equally by

Cleaning (0.5..1.5)
Cleaning (0.5...1.5)
Cleaning (0.5-1.5)
Cleaning (1+-0.5)

each meaning the same: for the task you (still) believe to take about 1 point, there's an approximately 70% chance that it will neither take less than 0.5 nor over 1.5 points to carry out in the end.

This is of course an estimate of the value, as well as the uncertainty. Where the 70% comes from is expressed below - the standard deviation (SD) estimate is taken as 1.5 - 0.5 / 2 = 0.5 in the above cases, around the mean value of 1.

If experimenting on a live board, you will still be able to support the traditional syntax as well by applying both estimates:

Cleaning (0.5...1.5)(1)

F|P will extract the more detailed piece of information.

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