Cognitive Load Reduction

A proper digging into a problem can easily involve visiting 10-20 links. Losing your way around these pages is one thing - losing trace of the place where you would have wanted to take a note is another.

The F|P app lets you get quickly where it all was meant to start, notes be taken, and the task to finish.

We try to accomplish this with as little further distraction as possible to keep your (wasted) cognitive load low.


Few visual elements, reduced need to adapt your eyes. Also, we try to steer towards consuming a smaller screen area (see the point about good width)


Why keep moving the mouse around if it can be avoided? Shortcuts, tabbing (over fewer UI elements) are here to the rescue.


Why be reminded of PM details (for instance via an entire kanban board), or how to add members, if there's no constant need? Once you know which task to deal with, you should be able to just concentrate on the one.

The future

How much we managed to facilitate this in reality, we can't know right now. We'll aim to verify this as resources allow in the future - and in a good case, way beyond the "in my experience it seems" confidence.
Further, we'll improve the app in the light of these goals and results. Stay tuned!

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