Counter Dopamine Addiction

Dopamine is a reward-related hormone, likely released in the body (brain) to get us used to promising practices.

One of the cases when it is released, is task switching.

However, switching between tasks on and on may lose its practical utility way before it would cease to be rewarded with yet another shot of dopamine. Despite the good feeling, its counterproductive nature has been caught in the act on more than one occasion in the modern settings.

New channels of information, such as the internet provide ample opportunities to switch between topics easily, and with their spreadth, an epidemic of AD(H)D conditions seems to have emerged.

Irrespective of how much this tendency is down to coincidence vs. causality, F|P makes it super easy to switch back to your current task.

Hopefully temptingly enough so that this will help you defend yourself against taking up new bad habits: it might make it a more competitively appealing alternative for your brain to just switch back, rather than to wander astray.

Albeit this may yield less of novelty, it is still a switch, without the difficulties of searching/waiting load times - possibly saving you from even IQ drops to some degree.

Thus, even dopamine should carry you away where you wanted to go: to the One Task.

(For us skepticals, I found some frightening charts here and here, as well as scary figures to settle our minds lol 👍)

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