Adaptive Colour Scheme

Preferences, situations vary - the dark or bright question may yield a different answer every time asked. Finding the best colour scheme takes time, and not everything you use may support it.

(I (János) would place my bet on what I read somewhere - the screen brightness should correspond with the environmental light levels, and dark schemes often play more nicely with the long hours. At least you'll get a better sleep afterwards.)

One thing's for sure: it takes time for your eyes to adapt, so that they can work efficiently with the lightness/brightness level.

And it can take a surprisingly long while to do so! From bright to dark it takes longer to adapt,

"The eye takes approximately 20–30 minutes to fully adapt from bright sunlight to complete darkness"

Okay, that's the most extreme case, but even if it was just a couple of minutes, that's actually still a lot of hinderance when multiplied by frequent repetitions. Hence, if you wouldn't like to be left with a reduced ability to perceive details for a while, and perhaps even afterimages hiding them from you, you'll be pleased that in F|P, things play for you in concert with others.

Our adaptive mode aims to keep the display reasonably consistent by checking at regular intervals and if necessary, changing the colour scheme of the app to the one that better fits what it finds on the screen.

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