Now: free!

No prices yet, we're in the kickstarting phase ▸

Thus - it is free of charge: the current preview/beta version is and will remain that, at the very least for non-commercial users.

Have you got your copy?


Licensing will slightly change for more solid versions, with professional and free tiers.

Professional licenses

Again, best visit our campaign on Kickstarter

It offers many early bird rewards - well, most if not all of them being licenses!

Free use

Personal users, also academia, open source developers, those in need: F|P will still be *free* for you. Students, teachers, homeschoolers, aspiring & non-profit organizers, those striving for a better life all welcome!

If you won't really need a pro license, but you think it's great that something like this will exist, you can still give the app delivery a push (thank you!).

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