You'll be probably good to go with any typical laptop/PC not more than 15 years old, so long as we support the OS.

Naturally, you'll need to have access to the internet and of course a Trello account, currently with at least one board with at least 4 lists set up.

This app typically takes

Ubuntu 20/18, Linux

? ...
store download 80 MB *
memory < 250 MB
disk space < 300 MB
manual download < 100 MB **

Windows 10

? ...
store download 80 MB *
memory < 100 MB
disk space < 200 MB
manual download < 50 MB

* estimated
** Ubuntu 18 & 20 only


We are committed to push towards resource efficiency.

Some emerging software development approaches can be considered more wasteful than others. Turning away from those is a priority here, but perfection would be very difficult to afford.

While the above figures may increase slightly at times as there are always compromises while trying to find out how best to invest our efforts, more importantly, there are promising options to significantly reduce them too - especially if the app gains traction, and there is a worthwhile saving prospect.

We'll be on the lookout!

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