Engaging Typography ("Good Width")

Reading too long or short lines can feel tiresome.

As long as there's no need for your card to be too wide, we just keep it around the recommended values.

In doing so, F|P is considered another column on the screen, or at least to be still with you when you are in your more depleted times, and shorter lines are more likely to keep you going and hopefully engaged then.

For these reasons, its easily recallable fixed "good width" setting (Ctrl+Alt+W) aims to be on the lower end of the recommended range: 40-50 characters.

There are multiple recommendations - it is not a definite rule, but a good willed effort.

Should you fall on the other end, and prefer longer lines - that's not a problem either, "extended width" (Ctrl+Alt+E) allows for a twice as wide dialog - easily hosting well over 90 characters per line.

In either case, even if you need to manually tweak it to your taste, the dialog size is memorized and recalled the next time it is opened.

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